Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being Intentional

If we are not intentional, it would be so easy to let life overwhelm us and the days would just slip away. Jeremy was intentional this morning: he took Tyler and Jordan fishing early Sunday morning before church. I was intentional about Amanda and I going shopping (just the two of us) for soccer cleats. And I know that I must be intentional if I am to find time just for Jeremy and me, or spend time alone with God in prayer and His Word.

Earlier this week I told Jeremy (I stole this line from someone) that some days I feel like I am drowning in the ocean, but I am trying to have a good attitude about it. My brain is so full and so much is going on that I have trouble keeping life straight some days! The last two weeks have been especially full.

We spent a week at Seaside Home in Cape May. Our week began with a trip to the ER and lots of puke (two totally separate incidents.) Miraculously, our week ended well. We ended up feeling like we could do this vacation thing with 6 kids. We returned home and ... life immediately jumped into high gear again.

There were more doctors appointments for Leo; a trip to the doctor for Ben who had an ear infection; and our first of 3 post placement visits with our Social Worker.

Also, Jonathan has been wearing his prosthetic leg a lot lately and this has led us to discover that (glory be) he has gotten taller and needs some leg adjustments. So in the next 2 weeks we will be making a trip to Shriners Hospital to have some work done on his prosthetic leg.

BUT the main reason for this post is to ask for prayer for Leo.

Leo will be having surgery on Wednesday to have his palate repaired. It will require an overnight stay. We are hopeful that once his palate is fixed that he can (in time) begin to eat food and eventually not be dependent on his feeding tube. He has an appointment the end of this month at the CHOP feeding clinic to help us make this transition. Please pray that the surgery will go smoothly and be a success. Please also pray for Jeremy and me.

We have invited Leo's birth mom to visit him during the surgery stay. We are not sure if she will actually show up, but if she does we pray that we will be able to minister to her during what I am sure will be a difficult visit for her.

Yes, some days I can feel like I am drowning, but I wouldn't trade any of the craziness of my life for anything. Some days, my attitude might need an adjustment, but I still love my crazy crew. The adjustment of having a baby in the family is now being rewarded by the smiling and emerging personality of little Leo. He is beginning to interact and is learning how to play. It is awesome to watch this little guy babble for the first time, laugh at his brothers, and bang 2 toys together.

Life is full, but God continues to be faithful.

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