Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I had the privilege of going with Leo and his mom to a doctor's visit. He now weighs 16 pounds. It was a good visit, but it left me emotionally drained. I am still not able to put into words our visit on Friday and today is the same. The feeling are intense and leave me feeling emotionally drained. It is extremely evident that Leo is loved by his mom. He is bonded to her and she to him. Today, I felt like an outsider, someone coming between a mother and her son. In my head, I know adoption is her choice, but today I have begun to see and sense the grief and lose she is experiencing and will most likely experience for the rest of her life. My heart is breaking for her.

I arrived home feeling drained, but mom-mom was on the scene and had everything under control. We can only do what we are doing with God's strength and the support of family and friends. Mom-mom offered to take us out to lunch and shopping. The kids all had a great time buying some "gifts" aka- needed items for Leo. Thank You Mom-mom and Pop-pop for all you do for us.

We have been blessed by so many in the last few days and we greatly appreciate each blessing. We had a friend offer to gather some guys and come help Jeremy finish a basement project and turn our office into a bedroom. This is such a huge blessing as this is something we were planning on doing, but Leo's arrival and need of a sleeping space as made it a higher priority. We have also been offered an infant car seat. God is providing!

God even cares about the little things. We had to take a CPR class. Ideally, we would take the class in the next 2 weeks before Leo's arrival. I looked around and finally found a class time that was convenient. I called and registered. We were the first people to register. I called back on Friday to pay, Jeremy and I were still the only 2 registered. I asked if they would still do the class. The women thought they would, but wasn't certain. I explained to her that we really, really needed to take this class because we were adopting and things were moving really fast. I guess I sounded desperate enough because when we showed up for the class last night the instructors asked who we knew. They were certain we were either VIP's or knew someone high up because they had gotten a phone call telling them that they couldn't cancel the class even though there were only 2 registered. Two instructors, who were wonderful, taught Jeremy and I CPR in record time. It was just the kind of class we needed- upbeat and quick! Because we finished the class in record time, Jeremy and I had time for a mini date at Rita's.

I love that God gives us tangible evidences of his love for us just when we need them.

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